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24 hour emergency local boiler repair technician. We work with all makes and model of boilers and had experienced engineers for both domestic and commercial boiler breakdowns.


24 Hour Emergency Boiler Repair And Service Call our customer service today to book a residential or commercial emergency boiler repair service. We dispatch immediately with 45 minutes response time in most locations.

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Why Use choose us?

Why Use choose us?patch emergency boiler service engineer. We work locally so were never more than an hour away from our best customers. We give everyone 100% customer service from our office staff to our field engineers

Gas Boiler Repair Engineers
All our technicians are gas safe registered and very well experienced in fault finding boiler problems and central heating system. Our gas safe registration 582607

What happens during your planned annual boiler service
On arrival the engineer will first carry out a tightness test to check there is not gas leak to the property. He will also the check the standing pressure and operating pressure at the gas meter to ensure the gas supply to the boiler is sufficient. We will also carry out a working pressure check at the boiler to ensure that the gas supply pipe is the correct size and that the boiler is receiving the manufacturers required gas pressure. After the preliminary checks have been carried out, the engineer will then commence with servicing and inspecting your gas boiler.

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The gas safe boiler engineer will carry out the following checks:

• Check the installation of your boiler flue is supported and sloping backward for condensing boilers.
• Flue gas analysis reading is sighing manufacturers requirements.
• Check that all seals are in good order and there is leakage of combustion products when the boiler is in full operation for condensing boilers. And for open flue boilers with exposed burners remove the burners and clean it with a brush then reassemble
• Check the boiler fan is working correctly and listen for worn out bearings.
• Clean spray Electrodes / ignition / flame rectification probe.
• Check that all Safety devices / temperature sensors / air pressure switches etc are in good working order.
• Remove and clean condenser trap and magnetic filters then replace.

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We provide 24 hour emergency plumbers, simply call our 24 hour emergency number

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