The boiler is the need of every building in winter. Before the cold season, it is essential to have a boiler with regular preventive maintenance in preparation for the heating season for efficient and safe operation. The frequency of common boiler problems, such as inefficient burner operation, cracks, dry fires, and pilot failures, can be reduced with great care. Their reliability and efficiency depend on the fact that these activities are carried out correctly and regularly. It helps to actively engage in commercial boiler care as fuel and equipment costs rise. Below are some important actions that you and a qualified technician can perform to facilitate your boiler’s safe and proper start-up and operation.

Responsibility of Qualified Boiler Technicians (Before Season)
• Clean, configure and inspect pilot assemblies, controls, and pressure switches.
• Drain the boiler water and remove lime from the container.
• If you are using a powerful burner, remove and clean the atmospheric burner or clean the fan.
• If you are using an infrared or UV frame scanner, perform a pilot descent test.
• Inspect the sight glass. Clean and replace if necessary.
• Make sure all valves and safety devices are functioning correctly. Disassemble the low water level switch and inspect the wiring. Remove the sediment from the shallow water and cut the horizontal pipe. For low water level switch check run a slow drain test.
• Perform combustion analysis.
• Test the air switch.
• The water and firesides of the boiler should be opened and cleaned for defects and damage.

Commercial boiler maintenance contract
Our commercial boiler maintenance contracts with unmatched coverage and highly skilled gas safety engineers give you the peace of mind that your boiler or water heater will be covered in the event of a failure when you need it most.

What is included in the commercial boiler maintenance/service agreement?
Our friendly and experienced engineers can handle any problems you may encounter with commercial boilers. We know how important heating and hot water are in homes, hospitals, schools, hotels, and all kinds of companies, so we are there for you when you need us most. We are running smoothly, making sure the appliance is compliant, improving overall heating, preventing future boiler problems, and hot water efficiency.

When do you need a boiler service?
To keep things running smoothly, you need to perform regular maintenance of commercial boilers. However, please us as soon as possible if you encounter any of the following issues.
• All radiators are not hot or not heated at all.
• Boiler/system under a pressure drop
• The boiler heat exchanger is not functioning, blocked or leaking.
• Flue damage or loss.
• Mysterious “drops” or marks/stains.
• Noisy boiler: bang or “boom”.
• The boiler is on, but there is no heating or hot water.
• The indicator light is always off.
• The thermostat or clock stays off or does not appear at all.
To hire a certified and qualified professional for a boiler maintenance expert, give us a call right now.

Benefits of the commercial boiler service
• Affordable Plans
• Annual service for gas safety
• Annual service.
• Complete the boiler “MOT”
• Discounted Parts: All immediately from our inventory
• Easy booking 24/7
• Free 24/7 Help Learn
• Guarantee of parts and work.
• Labour available for all kinds of job
• Registered and licensed engineers.

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