Swimming Pool Boiler Service

Pool heaters are one of the most complex equipment involved in pool operation. A qualified person must perform the repairs. To prevent malfunctions and other issues, all pool heaters require the following:
• Check the burner for wear and corrosion. If you see both signs, replace the burner.
• Clean the filter regularly. A constant flow of water through the pool filter is required for the heater to function correctly.
• Make sure the pool skimmer is clean and unobstructed.
• Regularly inspect the intake port of the pool heater burner to remove any accumulated debris.

Do you have a gas pool heater?
Nowadays, the most common pool heaters are gas heaters because they are powered by natural gas or propane. Electric pool heaters use heating elements to heat the pool. Over time, the element can become covered with minerals, reducing their efficiency and increasing the cost of heating the pool. It would be best if you avoid unnecessary costs.
To prevent malfunctions and other problems caused by gas pool heaters, you should do the following:
• Check the gas supply regularly (tanks are usually equipped with a pressure gauge).
• If the heater does not work well, check the mains and see if the dedicated pool heater breaker works.
• Prepare a liquid dish cleaner and hot water solution and check the pipe seal. Spray the solution onto the pipe joint. If air bubbles occur, the hose should be repaired or replaced immediately.
• Regularly clean the tank to remove debris (such as spider webs) to block the burner openings.
• Safely remove the heater element and rub it with a wire brush to clean the element from time to time.
All heaters should be mounted on non-combustible materials such as concrete. Free space is required around and above the tree branches, including keeping them 4 feet apart. See the owner’s manual for more information on the space needed on the sides of the pool heater. To save on energy savings, you need to buy an energy-efficient pool heater model. The following tips will help you use the pool heater more efficiently:
• Install a thermometer in the pool to monitor the most comfortable temperature.
• Maximizing the heater does not affect the warm-up time. Set to a comfortable minimum temperature.
• Turn off heating and cover the pool with a solar pool blanket when not in use.
• Use fences and shrubs to protect the pool from the wind.
The best way to keep your pool heater in top condition is to have it undergo a maintenance check at least once a season. The pool heater’s maintenance cost is minimized compared to the cost that needs to be replaced in advance.
If you have problems with the pool heater, please refer to the owner’s manual immediately. If you are still unsure of the problem, please contact our professional pool gas boiler engineer.

Installation of Swimming Pool Boiler
Whether you are setting up a new swimming pool or already own a swimming pool but need a new boiler, use our Swimming Pool Boiler Installation Service.
Having a pool is great, but only if you can take full advantage of it. If the water is too cold to swim, it’s a useless and expensive feature. Therefore, it is recommended to install a swimming pool boiler. It heats the water effectively, so you can enjoy swimming all year round.
When installing a swimming pool boiler, it is essential to find a reliable swimming pool boiler installation company with the experience, skills and qualifications needed to work correctly and safely. Plumber London is one of the best swimming pool boiler service company in the UK.

Swimming pool boiler repair
The UK Gas Plumbers also provides swimming pool boiler repair service. A safe gas engineer will repair your damage pool boiler professionally to the highest standards possible, ensuring your complete peace of mind.
Arrange for the installation of a pool boiler and enjoy a swim in hot water before you notice. To hire a certified and qualified professional for swimming pool boiler service.

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