Enjoy a relaxing swim around the year in every season is a blissful luxury and can be yours. We are experts in pool heating systems, and our swimming pool heating engineer can help you build new pools or add heating to existing pools so you can also experience the joy of the happy swimming of heated swimming.

Swimming Pool Heating Method
There are various ways to install a heating system in a swimming pool. Plumber London engineers have extensive experience with pool heating options, whether you choose an electric, gas, or heat pump solution for your pool. If you’re not sure which one is best for you, feel free to contact our team, who are willing to provide expert advice.

Gas swimming pool heating
Gas is the most common way to heat a swimming pool and is also one of the most affordable. Gas is the right choice as it works well all year round and is suitable for indoor and outdoor pools. A registered gas engineer is required to install the gas heater. It’s not something you can install yourself. Call us now, and we’ll answer your questions about how to install a gas heating system in your pool.

Electric swimming pool heater
Using electricity to heat a pool may seem a bit strange, but it’s an effective way to heat a pool, and experienced pool owners have some available for electric pool heaters. You will find that there are energy-saving tricks.
First, you can use the power generated by the solar panels to power it. Summer days are a great way to enjoy a warm swim naturally and then a warm swim late at night. Combine this with a high-quality warm pool cover to heat the pool overnight at a low cost and enjoy warm water swimming during the day.

Swimming Pool Heat Pump Installation
Swimming pool heat pumps are ideal for economical on-demand heating. The gas heats up faster, but gas pool heaters can burn thousands of dollars of natural gas or propane each year even at today’s lowest prices. Pool heat pumps use less electricity to compress the coolant and spin the fan. The heat generated is essentially free and is absorbed by the outside air and transferred to the pool water. The swimming pool heat pump installation is crucial, so don’t do it by yourself, always hire a professional.

Installation and maintenance
Proper installation and maintenance of heat pump pool heaters can optimize their efficiency. A qualified pool specialist should install heaters, especially electrical connections, for complex maintenance and repairs.
Please read the owner’s manual for maintenance schedules and advice. Every year, the heating of the pool needs to be adjusted. Heat pumps Pool heaters have many moving and electrical components that can require regular maintenance engineer.
With proper installation and maintenance, swimming pool heaters will last for over ten years. To hire a certified and qualified swimming pool heating engineer, give us a call right now

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